Gurkha Cellar Reserve Doble Robusto

I’m usually drawn to cigars for different reasons. Some are because of the packaging, the shape or size. For me, it really depends on the mood I’m in as to what I’m going to smoke. But one thing I know for sure, I always enjoy smoking with friends than alone. I feel cigars are a community thing, not something to smoke alone. But often when smoking for this blog, I need to sit and smoke alone and focus on what I’m experiencing. My new goal for the week is to try and sample cigars while interacting with others and see if I get the same results.

Today’s cigar review is the Gurkha Cellar Reserve Doble Robusto (5 x 58). It’s a short, fat figurago, with a tight pigtail for a cap and a nipple foot. It has a big beautiful label on it, taking up almost half of the cigar. The cigar produced a good even burn, with a nice ash, although I felt I was looking for a little more out of this cigar. It uses 15 year aged dominican filler and I felt that it would give it more flavor, but mostly the cigar produced just a nice woody flavor, nothing more, nothing less. Overall, it was a good cigar, and if you are looking for a milder Gurkha, this is the cigar for you.

Cigar Details:
Country: Dominican Republic
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Nicaragua

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