Day 25 – Punch Grand Cru No. 2

The longer you smoke cigars, you tend to move from mild and mild to medium cigars towards something a little stronger. This is where the Punch brand comes in. Punch has always been a great medium to full-bodied cigar. It is a premium cigar, one you will pay a little more for, but it will always be worth it. A few years back, a good friend of mine and I went to Las Vegas for a week. We were going in the summer and knew that we would be by the pool and enjoying the sights during the day as well and it’s nightlife. We took two boxes of PuncGrand Cru No. 2 and didn’t come home with any. That’s how good these cigars are. We each smoked a box in 5 days, and they are such a good cigar, that we never outgrew the flavor.

The Punch Grand Cru No. 2 is a great sized torpedo (6 x 54). It has an oily wrapper and burns and draws well. It’s rich and toasty with notes of cedar, nuts, coffee and spices, including some cinnamon. It is a medium-bodied cigar with a great woody and spicy finish. Make sure you try this cigar out soon, it’s something you will enjoy after a nice dinner or with an after dinner drink. Let me know what you think of this cigar.

Cigar Details:
Country: Honduras
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade


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