Day 17 – Partagas Black Label Piramide

A common question I always get, and I usually ask as well, is what kind of cigar do you like to smoke? If I’m behind the counter, I ask because it helps me make a recommendation if needed. When I am asked, it’s always hard for me to answer because it depends. It depends on what time of day, what I’ve recently eaten, the mood I’m in, and various other things. For me, a cigar isn’t something I just usually smoke, it is to be enjoyed and savored, like wine, or a good meal. Of course I also eat for sustenance, just like I sometimes smoke just to have a cigar. But most of the time I smoke to enjoy it, and it usually reflects my mood.

Today I’m smoking the Partagas Black Label Piramide. It is a strong, peppery cigar, with a dark, oily wrapper. Smoke this cigar if you are ready for a pallet-full of flavor. It has a nice draw, with hints of cedar and coffee. I tasted pepper throughout the entire smoke. It has a nice finish of leather and some licorice. Overall, a well-made cigar and one that is full of flavor. This is a cigar I usually enjoy after a big meal.

Cigar Details:
Country: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Binder: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut

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